Shanghai Auto Show: Nissan’s Chinese brand, VENUCIA, unveils new EV concept

Venucia Viwa

When automakers put out a press release for a new vehicle, concept or not, in the U.S. and Europe, it often reads like a short story complete with a narrative and some facts interspersed along the way.

The press release for the new Nissan China-only VENUCIA Viwa EV concept is rather short and reads more like a car salesman’s notes with bullet points, including “Reliable; Practical; Efficient; Accessible,” but says little about the car itself. This lack of detail makes us a bit suspicious.

Nissan, like many other global automakers eager to hit the expanding Chinese market, has created a new brand offshoot – VENUCIA – for the burgeoning market. Along with it, it’ll have distinctive new models like this Viwa EV concept.

VENUCIA says the Viwa follows the direction of the new Chinese energy vehicle policy but virtually nothing of vehicle specs.

“VENUCIA unveiled its first-ever mass-produced EV, the e30, at the China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition last November,” according to the press release. “Along with its zero emission vehicles, VENUCIA also displayed the MY2013 D50 (Sedan) and R50 (Hatchback). Compared to its predecessors, the new models offer improved fuel economy of 6.0 liters per 100 kilometers [62 miles on 1.5 gallons] through engine refinement and the addition of a rear spoiler.”

Impressively, the VENUCIA brand has already sold over 70,000 cars since its launch in spring of last year.

While we don’t know much of the brand or its products now, we suspect we won’t have to wait long to learn more. With sales figures like that from an all-new brand, more is sure to come from VENUCIA – and fast.