Shelby caught photoshopping mean new Mustang


Not one of us in our right minds would refuse Shelby’s 950-horsepower mega-Mustang. The seemingly nuclear-powered Shelby is beyond impressive, and another testament to the almost magical skill the company possesses when it comes to supin’ up ‘stangs. But it looks like another type of magic — photoshopping magic — was used by the company in an attempt to bolster excitement and drama for the Shelby 1000.

USA Today reports the issues arose when a few of the Shelby 1000’s press photos were being prepared for the print version of the newspaper. Apparently a photo editor was mystified over how the front end of the Mustang could lift off the ground, given the car’s weight and street tires, among other things.

Wheel-Lift-Shelby-1000An attempt was made to contact Shelby over the discrepancy, with Shelby representatives initially claiming the photos were indeed real. However, that turned out to be inaccurate, with Shelby admitting that the photos of the Shelby 1000 with its wheels lifting off the ground were indeed a result of some photoshopping wizardry.

Scott Black, spokesman for Shelby American, told USA Today that the photo alteration was done by the photographer, but that he didn’t know the reason behind the doctored photos.

We doubt Shelby’s photoshopping faux pas will really anger anyone — or stop enthusiasts from plunking down over $150,000 to snatch one up — but it’s still hard to imagine why anyone at Shelby American would feel the need to alter the car’s photos. As if Shelby’s revered reputation, and the fact that the car packs a whopping 950 horsepower, wasn’t impressive enough.