Silvermine’s 11SR track car is a reincarnated 1960s racer

If you’re looking for a track car, there is no shortage of choices. Despite their impracticality, there seems to be huge demand for adult go-karts like the KTM X-BowBAC Mono, and Elemental RP1.

Nothing in this new crop of track cars looks quite as good as the Silvermine 11SR, though. Hailing from The Netherlands, it looks like a 1960s racecar.

Like racers of old, the 11SR is also fairly insubstantial. The carbon-fiber bodywork is wrapped around the chassis “like a race suit,” according to the car’s creators, and two clamshells allow most of it to be peeled away for easy access to the hardware.

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That hardware includes a 3.0-liter flat-six from Subaru, which sends 325 horsepower to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox and limited-slip differential.

This version will not be street legal, but Silvermine will also offer a milder, 225-hp version for the street. It will have a five-speed transmission and 16-inch wheels, rather than the track model’s 17-inch rollers.

The 11SR will feature plenty of race-ready equipment, including adjustable suspension, transmission oil and brake cooling, a six-point racing harness, and FIA-approved fuel cell.

Silvermine isn’t discussing pricing, but each chassis will be individually numbered, and will take six months to build. Production is already underway, and patient customers should receive their cars beginning early next year.

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