SimCity goes all ‘green’ with Nissan LEAF solar canopy charging stations

SimCity Nissan LEAF charging stations

SimCity was released in 1989 when I was a younger fellow and I quickly became an addict. Unlike most of my contemporaries obsessed with mass bison extinction in the Oregon Trail game, I, instead, preferred to bolster my bustling SimCity metropolis.

Over the years, however, I fell out of interest with the game having discovered a far more intriguing game: girls.

Now that my social life has all but died, as I am chained to my Digital Trends desk for the majority of my waking day, I find myself compelled to re-join the vibrancy of a virtual city. And now, delightfully, I have an even better reason to do so: solar canopy charging stations for the virtual Nissan LEAF.

Yes SimCity, it would seem, has gone green. Installing these sun-powered EV chargers has a lovely effect on your city, as it improves “the happiness of nearby businesses, happiness to the Sims who use it, and producing no sewage or garbage for your city’s trash collectors to deal with,” according to Green Car Reports.

We wonder if in the next iteration, makers of SimCity will allow for Tesla storefronts to open, inciting dealer outrage and high-speed electric drag racing. Maybe a virtual Elon Musk could make an appearance with some antagonizing tweets? We hope so.

For now, though, we’ll have to stick to the positively charged Nissan LEAF solar stations.

Photo credit: Green Car Reports