Smart and JBL squeeze 16 speakers into a 2016 Fortwo

It’s easy to think of things that won’t fit in a Smart ForTwo, but Smart recently decided to put a positive spin on the car’s small size by showing what will fit.

The carmaker teamed up with JBL – which supplies audio systems for production Smart cars – to cram as much sound equipment as possible into a 2016 Fortwo. Welcome to the Smart Forgigs concept.

What Smart describes as a “concert hall on wheels” includes 16 speakers, five amplifiers, and two subwoofers. The complete system has an organ-tenderizing maximum output of 5,720 watts.

Equipping the Forgigs with that much audio firepower meant finding some creative places to put things. There are three midrange speakers in each door, and the trunk is completely full of speakers, subwoofers, and other equipment.

The car sports 328 feet of cabling and 32 square feet of insulating material. There’s also interior and exterior ambient lighting, which can be controlled from an integrated DJ console.

Smart says the ForGigs can be used as a mobile amplifier for live concerts by street musicians. It will probably be better in that capacity than as a car, as rear visibility is probably somewhat compromised by all of that sound equipment in the back.

The JBL system most likely doesn’t help the Smart’s performance either. U.S. versions of the 2016 Fortwo get an 898-cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine with just 89 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of torque. That’s only enough for a top speed of 96 mph, so extra weight is certainly the enemy of Smart drivers.

But while tiny city cars like the Fortwo haven’t made much of an impression in the U.S., customized cars that push the limits of good taste and sound judgment thrive in the Land of the Free.

The Smart Forgigs would be right at home at events like the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas, where aftermarket companies display outlandish show cars in order to draw attention to their products or their fabricating skills.

What better place for a car designed to facilitate impromptu concerts than the streets of Sin City?