Dodge reveals its SRT Tomahawk Vision GT Concept, a virtual-only carbon fiber track monster

SRT Tomahawk exhaust
Vision GT concept cars are still being developed by automakers for the Gran Turismo 6 video game, with each new creation seemingly more insane than the last.

The latest Vision GT will come from Dodge, who has released a set of teasers, plus the above video for the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo. Not to be confused for anything other than a track warrior, the Tomahawk is a single-seat hybrid sports car that has about as good a chance of being produced as Dodge releasing a line of designer handbags.

That said, certain design cues from Vision GT cars have found their way into production bodystyles previously. One logical guess would be that future Vipers might inherit elements from the Tomahawk; it’s certainly apparent the foundation for the SRT Tomahawk came from the Viper.

Even without a nod to a production version, virtual concepts can be exciting. To point out a few of the Tomahawk’s some distinctive styling cues, the multi-tiered rear wing, five-exhaust ports, and curvaceous carbon fiber body add up to one menacing package.

SRT Tomahawk Nose

Of course, the Tomahawk name has been used by Dodge before in an entirely different capacity. The 2003 Dodge Tomahawk was a bonkers concept motorcycle with an 8.3 liter V10 making 500 horsepower.

By comparison to the real world of superbikes, the new fastest production motorcycle is the Kawasaki H2R with 300 horsepower. Besides the monstrous power, the Tomahawk had four wheels, which could move independently to allow countersteer and turn-in. While it wasn’t street legal, you could purchase the Tomahawk for just over half a million bucks.

SRT Tomahawk body

The SRT Tomahawk Vision GT may not have engine specs, but it looks to be just as absurd as the Tomahawk bike.

No official release date for the SRT Tomahawk was announced, but it should debut in Gran Turismo 6 soon. In gameplat, the SRT Tomahawk will be challenged by other ridiculous Vision GT concepts like the Mercedes-Benz AMG Concept, Lexus LF-LC GT, Infiniti GT Vision, and Peugeot Vision GT.

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