Subaru’s Cross Sport Design concept is Japan’s answer to the Ferrari FF shooting brake

subaru cross sport design concept revealed

Car enthusiasts are a strange lot. Many of their favorite vehicles are types that normal people just don’t get. Small sports cars and station wagons are perfect examples.

That’s why the Subaru Cross Sport Design concept from the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show is a love letter to the faithful. It’s a BRZ wagon … or shooting brake, depending on how you look at it.

Subaru says the Cross Sport Design is a combination of “sport” and “utility,” which is obvious from looking at it. This concept really is just a BRZ with a tailgate, with some concept car jewelry thrown in. The elongated roof really enhances the BRZ’s already handsome looks.

According to Subaru, the Cross Sport Design previews a new trend in urban utility vehicles, but don’t believe that.

This car is a shooting brake, a two-door wagon body style – most famously seen on the Volvo P1800ES – that is now coming back into vogue, thanks to recent interpretations like the Ferrari FF and Aston Martin-based Bertone Jet 2+2.

Shooting brake sounds much cooler than Cross Sport Design, anyway.

There was a time when cars didn’t need high seating positions and pretend off-road credentials to be considered utilitarian, but that time is long past. Subaru knows this better than most: it’s carved a nice niche for itself jacking out Legacies and Imprezas to create Outbacks and Outback Sports/XV Crosstreks. The Cross Sport Design concept is really the next logical step.

Even if it has to be styled as a crossover to make it to showrooms, a production version of the Cross Sport Design would be great to see. Who wouldn’t want an affordable, rear-wheel drive sports car with a tailgate?