Subaru’s turbo hybrid Viziv GT Vision is the fastest Subie you can never buy

The instant torque of an electric motor and the top-end power of a big turbo go hand in hand like pizza and beer, and that’s a recipe Subaru took to heart on its Viziv GT Vision Gran Turismo.

The GT, which will be added to the Gran Turismo 6 video game soon, is described as “a true sports car with the most aggressive styling and vehicle specs in Subaru’s history” by the game’s website. “The Viziv GT delivers extreme performance while maintaining a level of drivability that allows you to be in total control.”

That may sound like typical automaker hyperbole, but those sentiments are actually quite grounded in reality … it just happens to be the virtual kind.

The dynamic Subie is one of the most extreme visual concepts to be released by the brand, with wide, muscular fenders, an enormous rear wing, and an angular front fascia that would look the opposite of welcoming in your rear view mirror.

Unless you’re piloting the laser-boosted Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo, though, the Viziv probably wouldn’t be there too long.

The two-door is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter boxer engine, but Subaru has added three electric motors as well, one in the front and two in the rear. All together, the Japanese car is good for a combined output of 579 horsepower and 593 pound-feet of torque.

The WRX manufacturer did not release performance specifications for the vehicle, but given that its a video game car, we might as well make something up. How does 0 to 60 mph in 0.8 seconds with a top speed of Mach 30 sound?

Joking aside, the Viziv doesn’t really have much weight to lug around. Carbon fiber was used extensively to offset the heft of the electrics, so the vehicle weighs only 3,042 pounds.

Given its digital assignment, the car’s aerodynamics were clearly designed for track performance as well as intimidation. To give the car a boost in the twisties, however, Subaru gave the three electric motors modular power delivery.

“By independently controlling each of the motor outputs, turning ability while cornering is drastically improved, while the torque vectoring lamps built into the fenders visualize its movement,” the release continues. “Thus as with any other Subaru, the car is made controllable for anyone driving the car, regardless of its extremely high performance levels.”

Watch the Viziv GT unveiling video below.

(Photos and video via Gran Turismo)