Sun powered concept car may one day shine

Forget about harnessing the energy of the wind or waters to power our cars — London designer Omer Sagiv’s futuristic and intriguing design looks to the heavens and our own shining star, the sun.

Dubbed the SPV, which stands for Solar Power Vehicle), the wide and flat-looking concept car was a recent ‘DIY submission’ for design, architecture, and art website Designboom.

The SPV is a compelling concept that is comprised of aluminum and flexibly thin modules. Because of the way Sagiv designed the SPV, the car is able to gather up precious sun-fed energy thanks to the many solar panels adorning its body.

While Sagiv’s creation may not come to fruition any time soon – there are some automobiles today, like the Fisker Karma, that are beginning to take advantage of solar energy to help power and recharge their batteries and extend vehicle ranges.