Teched out and tricked out: The sweet rides and wheels of CES 2012

You won’t have to wonder the north hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center for long — during CES 2012 — until you come across some jaw-dropping cars. Lamborghini’s, Maserati’s, even a pimped out Prius received a tech-laden makeover. While the majority of these cares would barely have a problem turnings heads as it is, once these cars were outfitted with some of the latest audio, video, and automobile gadgetry, it propelled them into another category altogether – making show attendees stop and take notice.

Unfortunately, since most of you probably didn’t get a chance to make it to Las Vegas, we bring you some of the more noteworthy cars that caught our attention as we made the rounds. Enjoy, and let us know which happens to be your personal favorite and don’t forget to head over to our cool concept cars of CES photo gallery and weigh in your thoughts there as well.