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Soon you might be able to get your Tesla washed eco-friendly style while you charge it

Eco Green Auto Clean - How to wash your car with less than a cup of water - Waterless Car Wash
“Would you like a wash with your charge?” That question may become the eco-friendly, electric car equivalent of “Do you want fries with that?”  or “Paper or plastic?” Environmentally friendly mobile car wash service Eco Green Auto Clean is currently in a pilot program for Tesla employees at Tesla’s Fremont, California factory Supercharger site. If the pilot works out, Tesla may introduce the service at Supercharger stations, according to Electrek.

Eco Green Auto Clean has two business profit centers. The first is all about cleaning products. The company produces a line of biodegradable car cleaning products and accessories which it sells via an online store. The company sells business kits including supplies to clean 400 cars and a week’s training in California for people who want to set up their own eco-friendly mobile car detailing service.  The other side of the business entails contracted mobile cleaning services on site for companies — at Google, for example.

Eco Green Auto Clean’s slogan, “one cup one car,” hits home in California because of the state’s ongoing drought. The company claims it uses a little less than one cup of water to clean a car. The cleaning process consists of spraying car surfaces inside and outside with the company’s cleaners, which it says are “designed to lift and dissolve dirt on contact.” After spraying, each surface is wiped with microfiber towels.

If Tesla does rollout Eco Green Auto Clean at Supercharger stations, which it will likely do close to home in California first in expanded trials, speculation is the service will be available by subscription. The possible cost, estimated by Electrek, not Tesla, is $80 a month for the Model S and coming Model 3 and $90 a month for Model X SUVs. The subscription would cover two handwashings a month.

If you’re going to stop at a Supercharger to top off your Tesla’s battery and leave it for a bit while it charges, why not have it cleaned at the same time, especially if the cleaning process is as environmentally friendly as your car?

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