Can’t afford a brand-new Model S? Tesla will sell you a used one online

Tesla has shattered almost every notion about what a “startup” automaker can and should be able to do. Create a quick, attractive, long-range, nimble electric sedan from out of nowhere? Done. Completely bypass the dealership network and all its inherent headaches? You bet. Develop a thriving used car market? Well, not so much. That is, until now.

Considering a brand new Model S can cost upwards of $100,000, those who appreciate all that the EV sedan has to offer but can’t come up with that kind of cash are without many options. Without a certified pre-owned program, used car buyers can only hope previous owners take good care of their vehicles.

That’s why Tesla has just revealed a new pre-owned program that offers a highly attractive warranty – four years/50,000 miles – and of course, used car prices.

That said, because of the automatic software updates, extensive warranty, and battery swap programs, “used Teslas” don’t sell with an enormous discount. Currently, the cheapest pre-owned Model S, a P85 with 41,000 miles on the odometer, fetches $65,000. A new P85 starts at $85,000 but comes with all-wheel drive and new standard equipment. However, if those things don’t matter to you, your neighbors will never know you’ve had to go the “used” route.

As for the stock of vehicles on the site, The Wall Street Journal reports that the majority of pre-owned Model S vehicles are trade-ins, but off-lease cars should soon trickle in as well.

Like buying a new Tesla, consumers can’t find a pre-owned Model S in every market. To start, Tesla is offering their new pre-owned program in the following U.S. cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Florida, Hawaii, LA, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and DC, as well as Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Buyers can choose to pick up their pre-owned Model S at a local storage facility or can have it delivered.