Sleep in a Tesla Model S on Airbnb … yes, you read that correctly

Tesla Model S on Airbnb

Sleeping in a car in any kind of urban area isn’t something to be proud of. Unless, apparently, that car is a Tesla Model S and you booked it through Airbnb.

At least, that’s what one Phoenix-man hopes. He’s offering his Tesla Model S as a “room” for $85 a night on Airbnb, according to Businees Insider, in spite of the inherent dignity drain one would think sleeping in a car would entail.

Owner Steve Sasman equipped the car with a twin airbed, linens, and remote-control candles. Classy.

He said he’s slept in the Tesla three times, and it’s fine for anyone under 6’6″.

Since the car is electric, Sasman invites guests to run the heating or air conditioning in his garage all night, or listen to music using the built-in 17-inch touchscreen.

Sasman is also an Uber driver, so he’ll drive tenants around for an extra fee. They need to be out of bed by a reasonable hour in the morning, though, so he can go to work.

There was a time when sleeping in a car wasn’t primarily the purview of the homeless, but it’s hard to say whether Tesla-based lodging will bring it back in style.

The 1949 Nash Ambassador was built with seats that could fold down into a bed for road-tripping families or traveling salesman.

However, that was back before air travel, and when traveling salesman were still relevant.

Both the Tesla Model S and Airbnb have their fans, but it seems like you’d have to be pretty committed to both to find this lodging option attractive.