They grow up so fast: Tesla makes first-ever Model S recall for improperly installed seats

Tesla Model STesla Motors has broken many rules when it comes to designing, producing, and selling cars, but there are certain things every car company has to do. Tesla issued the first recall of its Model S electric sedan this week.

The recall was triggered by improperly installed seats, and affects 2013 Model S sedans built from May 10 to June 8, 2013. That’s an estimated total of 1,228 cars.

Tesla said an incorrect method for aligning the seat back striker plate for the left rear seat may have weakened the weld that holds the plate to the car’s chassis.

In a crash, weakening at this weld could potentially cause the seat to become detached from the rest of the vehicle. Tesla has not been notified of this actually occurring, or of any problems related to weakened seat welds.

Tesla will notify customers affected by the recall, pick up their cars, and take them to its Service Centers. Technicians will add additional hardware to the seat bracket to ensure a secure fit. Naturally, this will be done free of charge.

Virtually every carmaker, from mainstream stalwarts like Nissan to premium brands like Porsche, has issued a recall at some point, so Tesla’s issuance of one isn’t that surprising. Speedy and efficient correction of the problem is what matters.

For more information, read the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s summary of the recall, or contact Tesla at 1-650-681-5000.