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Create an ad for Tesla for its new Project Loveday contest

Tesla Model 3
Want to do PR for Tesla? Here’s your chance.

Before you get too excited, we’re not offering you a job at the car company. Rather, the company is holding a video contest that it has dubbed “Project Loveday.” In essence, it’s a way for Elon Musk’s futuristic car venture to source some of the best fan-made video advertisements out there. It’s an interesting departure from Tesla’s normal modus operandi, as the company does not advertise like others in its space. But hey, if you come up with the next great Tesla ad, you may just claim your 15 (or up to 90) seconds of fame.

“Ten-year-old Bria Loveday sent us a letter and suggested we hold a video contest,” Tesla explains on its website. “We thought that was a great idea (thanks, Bria). Over the next couple of months we will collect videos from around the world as part of the “Project Loveday” video contest.”

Entering the contest is easy — simply shoot some footage, keep it at 90 seconds or less, then upload the video to YouTube and send the link (alongside your entry form) to Tesla. Then, the waiting game begins — Tesla will announce its top candidates at some point after May 8, when the contest ends.

So who’s eligible? As per Project Loveday’s terms and conditions, all entrants must be at least 18 years old or have the express permission of a parent or guardian. Other guidelines note that all entries “must relate to Tesla, SolarCity, our products, or our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” And while you want your video to be memorable, it needs to remain appropriate for all ages — that is to say, your Tesla ad cannot contain violence, nudity, or inappropriate language or behavior.

Moreover, Tesla wants all text or voice-overs to be in English, and of course, you can’t refer to other products or brands that aren’t Tesla-related.

Submissions are said to be judged on originality, creativity, relevance to Tesla and its mission, and finally, entertainment value. The top 10 submissions will be featured via Tesla social media, and the top three are promised “additional promotion.” But the lucky grand prize winner will get an invitation to a future Tesla product launch event, and will be introduced as the champion of Project Loveday. Tesla also says it will “pay for reasonable travel expenses,” as well as accommodations for the winner and a guest for two nights.

So if you think you may have a talent for advertising, here’s your chance to show your chops.

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