Tesla revives its referral program with chances to win a Roadster

Tesla has gone into reverse gear and relaunched its referral program.

After ditching the scheme in February because of spiraling costs, the Elon Musk-led automaker on Tuesday announced a new referral program designed to encourage current Tesla owners to sing the praises of its electric cars.

Going forward, each time someone purchases a new Tesla using your referral code, you’ll receive free Supercharging worth 1,000 miles — that’ll get you from Los Angeles to Seattle, or from New York City to Orlando (though you’ll have to pay to come back again).

If that’s left you feeling a little underwhelmed, then how about a chance to win a Tesla? That’s right, you’ll also have your name thrown in the hat for a chance to win a limited edition Model Y — Tesla’s recently unveiled midsize electric SUV — with draws taking place monthly. An additional quarterly draw offers a limited-edition Roadster as the prize. Tesla owners who already have unlimited Supercharging will get not one but two chances to win with each referral.

Oh, and each vehicle will be signed by Elon Musk, which should add a few bucks to its value if you decide to sell it on.

“We’ve heard from our customers that the referral program was one of their favorite reasons to tell their friends about Tesla, so today, we’re introducing an all-new referral program to give customers another way to share what they love about their cars,” the company said in a message on its website.

It added that while its last referral scheme was a popular feature for its customers, it came with significant costs attached.

“We’ve since restructured the program to save the company money while also offering rewards that are super exclusive,” the company said.

Tesla owners will likely be pleased that the company has decided to resurrect its referral program, even if the benefits aren’t quite as diverse as before.

Its earlier scheme offered six months of free Supercharging with each referral, Tesla wheels, charging accessories, and discounts on Roadster purchases, among other benefits.

And who can forget the wacky “Launch Your Photo into Deep Space Orbit” reward that gave Tesla owners the chance to have a photo of their choice laser-etched onto glass and fired into space by another of Musk’s ventures, SpaceX.


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