Tesla surges past another benchmark, completing 21 Supercharger stations

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Telsa has a long way to go before Elon Musk can take his all-electric road trip.

Working for Tesla must be both fantastic and also very, very tiring. Why do I say that? Because time and time again, the electric automaker sets lofty goals and then sails past them. This likely makes for both a very successful but stressful work environment.

This spring, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk promised 18 Superchargers would be built by this time. And as this story is written, the brand has 21 of the high-speed charging stations: nine in California, three in Connecticut, two each in Washington, Texas, and Illinois, and one in both Delaware and Oregon, according to AutoWeek.

Current Tesla Supercharger network

Designed to offer a 50-percent charge in 20 minutes and 80 percent in 40 minutes, Musk wants to have a robust enough charging infrastructure to allow Model S drivers to get from Los Angeles to New York City without range anxiety – all without charge. That is, for the fully loaded Model S. Tesla owners who purchased the entry-level Model S, use of the Supercharger network will require a one-time $2,000 fee.

This winter, Tesla will be making a big push to get several more chargers online in both the Great Lakes region and on the Eastern Seaboard. Not only will this behoove the buyer base but also Musk himself who aims to take his family on an electric-only road trip.

Photo credit [secondary]: AutoWeek