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Tesla scores auto industry best ‘consumer experience’ in global study

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Tesla just scored a win in consumer experience rankings. Group XP, an international brand and marketing strategy research network, released its study of 43,000 brands in 46 industries worldwide. The goal of the study was to recognize brand leaders based on customer experience. Tesla ranked No. 1 for the auto industry and No. 20 overall, according to Electrek.

The research group evaluated companies on four factors: “Impression: Stand for something unique; Interaction: Deliver on your most important needs; Responsiveness: Have better online services and engaging content; [and] Resilience: Strive to make people’s future lives better through higher brand purpose.”

With those four criteria, Tesla scored 116.79. The next-best score in the automotive category was BMW at 114.19. Mercedes-Benz scored 111.98 and Ferrari 111,70. The three top brands for 2016 were Pampers (149.99), Disney (134.22), and PayPal (129.91).

Tesla’s energy products and Supercharger network contributed to Group XP’s extremely positive impression of the company. Here’s the study’s somewhat breathless description about Tesla:

“Who else but Tesla could take on a heavily entrenched industry like automotive and turn it on its head? Having launched highly rated, luxury-valued electric cars, Tesla has gone on to inspire and expand a roadside recharging network and build the world’s biggest Giga battery factory while also advancing the concept of driverless autos from science fiction fantasy to widely anticipated reality.

“The breathtaking completeness of Tesla’s vision and ability to execute matches other, more established breakthrough leaders like Ikea and Amazon.”

Group XP also commented on customer engagement and loyalty, which Electrek noted is easily seen in Tesla owner forums. “They lead their category, have devoted fans and are extremely difficult to copy or compete against.”

To read more about the Group XP 2016 Experience Index, the top 30 winners, how it was compiled, and consumer experience profile themes and specifics among the top scoring companies, you can see the full study at this link.

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