The 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept: Another amazing Alfa Romeo the US may never see

Alfa 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept

Alfa Romeo left the US market in 1995 and has had plans for a return stateside continually delayed; it’s that promise and glimmer of hope that makes this new Alfa concept car so exciting. That, and the possibility that we might one day get to drive something like it here in the US.

It’s called the 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept and it is, as you can see, absolutely stunning. Alfa Romeos are known globally as remarkable things of beauty both to behold and drive.

The 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept’s design draws inspiration from the 1939 6C 2500 Sport Touring and the 33 Stradale. Were it to be put into production, the 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept would sit somewhere between the 8C Competizione super car and the 4C sports car. If you don’t know of either of those two cars, search engine them now.

Alfa 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept

We don’t yet know anything about the powertrain but the “6” in the 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept name would, going by previous Alfas, designate that it is a six-cylinder. Knowing the Italians, it would surely be paired with a manual transmission, making for one memorable motoring experience.

Alfa has always been masterful at combining classic Italian motoring design with cutting-edge and near futuristic bodylines. Based upon the photos we found at Diseno-art, the iconic Alfa V-shaped grille design can be found reflected throughout the 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept, including the rear taillights, diffuser, and the license plat cutout.

Alfa 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept

While Fiat USA drags its feet on an official North American Alfa return, we can only fantasize about the sheer excitement, joy, and heartache that comes with owning an Alfa. If the 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept is any indication, though, of what we might see soon, we’ll be more than pleased.