Mercedes’ Arrow 460 yacht will float your ego, sink your wallet

Large Mercedes have always been boat-like. The problem with that, though, is that they a nasty habit of sinking when you drive them into water. Thankfully, Mercedes has listened to my many calls and letters and is fixing this problem by introducing a yacht.

This handsome beast was created in partnership with renowned – or so I am assured – yacht maker Silver Arrows Marine. The sleek 45-foot lines conceal some of the most innovative playboy coddling features known to modern science.

The party piece of the Arrow 460 is the greenhouse like cockpit, which surrounds the occupants in glass panels that adjust to the ambient light level. This array of gorgeous glass allows great views of the nude beaches on the French Riviera while protecting the sensitive skin of the septuagenarians that can afford the $1.7-million price tag. However, if you do decide you want some fresh air, you can open up the front cockpit panel and allow the sea breeze to waft over your wrinkles while you enjoy some vino from the optional onboard wine cellar. Très chic!

This super yacht can be propelled through the water at speeds upwards of 40 knots by its two 480 horsepower Yanmar diesel engines. For the less nautically inclined, 46 mph may not seem that fast, but, then again, this is basically a floating two-bedroom condo.

It’s hard to say whether or not this marks the beginning of a larger seagoing foray for Mercedes. Last February, it built a cigarette boat that was more exploding nuclear reactor than luxury ship. The Arrow 460, however, is a welcomed turn toward a more refined, sea-going Mercedes.

Maybe Merc is looking ahead to when the ice caps melt and it have to make aquatic S-Classes. In the meantime, we can rest assured that the Arrow 460 will no doubt be featured prominently in an a glorious explosion in the next Michael Bay film.

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