The best way to test a car is how well it doubles as a Pong controller

eBall Smart cars

With so many different cars on the market, test driving one after another may get confusing and repetitive. Why bother with all of that real world road testing when you can judge the performance by how well the car functions as controllers in a game of Pong?

The idea came after Germany-based advertising agency BBDO Germany were approached to create a marketing campaign for Smart Fortwo electric vehicles. The concept is that the car is not only green and compact, driving it is also a fun experience in itself. And what’s more fun than Pong?

To initiate the campaign, BBDO Germany set up a larger than life stage for Pong at the IAA motor show in Frankfurt last fall where two Smart Fortwo cars sat paralell from each other on a brick road. The game, dubbed as “eBall,” is then controlled by the drivers of the car in forward and reverse motions to keep the pong ball active. Visitors to the motor show were able to line up for their chance to test out the Smart Fortwo cars to see how “fun” driving it can be, as well as the simplicity of changing gears in swift motion. To prevent too much acceleration, the front of the stage was lined with tiny pebbles and the back with columns of tires to keep visitors waiting in line safe. 

While the concept won’t let you test out how the car performs with turns, speed, or natural road conditions, the campaign definitely did get the point across: Cars as giant Pong controllers are super awesome. Smart car companies should start contacting their ad agencies to bring similar concepts to festivals and auto shows in the states now that the outdoor season has begun.