The seven-speed Stingray: GM’s new newest transmission might be coming to the C7

the corvette stingray keeps getting better and gms new seven speed transmission might be destined for c07 chevrolet at sunset

With the addition of a twin-turbo V8 and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, the Stingray could become the modern Corvette we want.

The Corvette C07 Stingray has been a revelation; every single press demonstrator has been practically covered by the drool – and perhaps other excretions – of automotive journalists. However, despite the rave reviews and eye watering performance, the Stingray has been saddled with some old fashioned bits of technology. The 6.2 liter pushrod V8, for example, that is older than Methuselah and the old-school A6 automatic currently offered in the Stingray.

Well that might be about to change, because as the folks at Corvette Forum just found out General Motors filed a patent for a brand new dual-clutch, seven-speed transmission.

Now, the A6 auto hasn’t exactly destroyed the performance of the C07; in fact we loved the transmission’s precision and smoothness. However, GM has clearly signaled that it isn’t satisfied with the current transmission. GM brass hinted that the Stingray might be destined to receive a much vaunted eight speed auto.

Still it seems likely that the seven-speed DCT is headed for bigger and faster things. With much of the automotive world staying up nights speculating about what super sport Z07 will be packing under its sculpted hood, several rumors have emerged.

One such rumor is that the Stingray Z07 will be using the turbocharged 4.5 liter powerplant featured in the sublime Cadillac Elmiraj concept. With this all-new V8 predicted to be punching out 600 horsepower, any transmission bolted to it is going to need to have bones of adamantium and a soul of pure hellfire. A brand new seven-speed DCT might just have the right stuff for the job.

Personally, I really hope that Chevy takes the Corvette in this direction – you know, a modern one. It would be amazing to see a truly up-to-date Corvette with fantastic styling and world-beating tech.