The F12berlinetta: Ferrari’s latest lean mean V12 speed machine


Last week Ferrari asked you to save the date – well that date has finally arrived and in true Ferrari fashion the Maranello outfit has delivered the goods, unveiling the first model in its eagerly anticipated lineup of V12-powered supercars. What we originally were led to believe was the F620 GT instead turned out to be the Ferrari F12berlinetta (nope, that isn’t a typo). The latest Ferrari takes its place among a long and distinguished list of Ferraris and specifically replaces the 599 GTO. While its name leaves a little bit to be desired (at least the confusing spacing and placement of the letters) it’s certainly a beautifully crafted machine, well deserved of the galloping stallion adorning its seemingly smirking front end.

First and foremost the F12berlinetta is powerful. The two-door coupe can generate 509 lb-ft of torque and easily clocks in a sprint speed of 0-62 in an astonishing 3.1 seconds. Add another 5.4 seconds and the Ferrari F12berlinetta can hit 104 miles per hour without breaking a sweat. If that’s not enough to satisfy you, Ferrari says its speed seeking stallion will achieve a top speed of over 211 miles per hour.


Of course if this is truly going to be the successor to the 599 GTO then it had better be able to prove it, right? Not to worry, according to Ferrari, the F12berlinetta is able to complete a lap around the Fiorano circuit in just 1 minute, 23 second, besting the 599 GTO and Enzo times which stood at 1:24 and 1:25 respectively.

As with any Ferrari it’s not just the Italian stallion’s impressive speed and power that has us smitten like love sick pups — although it certainly doesn’t hurt. But at the risk of sounding shallow, the F12berlinetta is a terribly good-looking piece of machinery that, based on looks alone, has us swooning. Although it deserves mentioning that the rear design reminds us too much of the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but given how unique (read: expensive) Ferrari’s typically are, we’re not pleased with it resembling another auto – even if it is only slightly.


Styling cues for the F12berlinetta can easily be found by taking a look at the Ferrari FF. The resulting design is the collaborative effort of the Ferrari Styling Centre and Pininfarina. According to Ferrari, the design for the F12berlinetta was partially influenced by elements of previous front-engined V12 Ferraris.

Looking at the F12berlinetta you’d be forgiven for thinking Ferrari put its latest model through Italy’s version of The Biggest Loser. The F12berlinetta weighs an impressive 154 pounds less than the 599 thanks in large part to brilliant minds at Scaglietta who employed the use of twelve different kinds of alloys (some of which have never been used in the automotive industry before) during construction of the all-new spaceframe chassis and bodyshell. The result: an astounding 20-percent increase in structural rigidity and a favorable and effective weight distribution.


All in all we are very impressed. Ferrari once again has provided the automotive world with another reminder (as if we needed one) of why they are one of the most successful and innovative automakers in the world.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta will make its world debut in just a few short days time at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.