The Mercedes SL GTR transcends mechanical design, enters the realm of the living

There are three things we like here at the Digital Trend Cars section: tech, power, and design. And while most things fire on at least one of those cylinders, few fire on all three. This car does, however.

It’s called the Mercedes-Benz SL GTR and we think it’s absolutely brilliant.

From the mind of Mark Holster, the slippery AMG is powered by a – of all things – Nissan derived 5.5-liter V8 ripped from the frame rails of the Nissan GTR GT1 racecar.

The rest, however, is all AMG. It has a racecar chassis, race suspension, and five-spoke magnesium wheels backed by carbon-ceramic brakes at all four corners.

The body – as you might be able to tell – was penned to look as if it had been shrink-wrapped over the mechanical components. To us, it looks like a living form. It doesn’t look like a husk containing clump mechanical components but rather a living, very angry-looking creature.

Yes, the car is only a rendering and doesn’t really exist, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a thing of beauty, a thing worthy of daydreams – and we like that.

If it had been up to us to spec the lustrous life form, we would have fitted it with tech taken from the 2014 Mercedes Formula 1 car: hybrid components and an ear-piercing 1.6-liter V6, which you can hear for yourself in the video below.

Imagine if the Mercedes brass were brash enough to shoehorn their F1 tech into a road-going car to take on the likes of the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 fame? It would be an incredible car for sure.

If they did build such a motorway monster, I’d hope they’d use the bodywork from Mr. Holster.

(Images and video courtesy of Mark Hostler)