The Stig’s dedicated YouTube channel Trims the Top Gear fat to raw car insanity

The Stig is the final word on what a car featured on Top Gear can and can’t do. No matter what argument the other hosts have and regardless of the tests the main trio perform, it comes down to “how fast does this car go ‘round our track?” It’s this reason why the silent white-clad wheelman is tasked to take the helm whenever pure driving needs to happen. No jokes, no talking, just go fast. Whether or not you like the show, no car fan can deny how enjoyable those segments are. We can now enjoy those bits with all the fat trimmed as the Stig has his own dedicated YouTube channel.

Top Gear The Stig

Top Gear has loads of segments on its own channel involving the Stig, but on this channel, he’s the star of the show. From the looks of the trailer, the videos of the channel will be comprised of challenges involving the Stig, like when he drove a Proton Satria rally car, co-piloted by Richard Hammond, when the UK team challenged the Australian TG hosts. There’ll also be the bits where the car in question is just too dangerous or outside of the regular presenter’s skill level, as well as his classic runs around the Top Gear test track, adding another time to the famous leaderboard.

Amusingly, he’s taken an active involvement in the comment threads, too, but in typical fashion his replies… don’t say anything. Nonetheless, its good to see him reaching out to his fan base. As of now, the channel just has the teaser and full trailer for the site, but subscribing to it is a simple thing that will deliver a little bit of Stig (and all his globally displaced cousins) into your life on a regular basis.