Toyota Engineering Society develop TES-ERA EV custom coupe


While the Tokyo Auto Salon generally takes a back seat to its bigger brother the Tokyo Auto Show, the custom car show fails to disappoint year in and year out. We already got a chance to see an oddly modified Toyota Prius; our next custom car up for show is the beautifully sleek TES-ERA EV.

The TES-ERA EV is the culmination of work done by the Toyota Engineering Society. This volunteer organization consists mainly of engineers of Toyota, and was created to promote and foster new ideas and technology, while also sharpening the skills of its members. According to Toyota, there are over 30,000 members worldwide.

We happen to have taken a liking to this sporty little custom coupe, although we are not so sure how we feel about the random constellations sprinkled about the car’s body. The form factor however is certainly unique with its smooth rounded framework, aggressive angle “V” grill, and an underlying height-adjustable double-wishbone suspension for both the front and rear.


The TES-ERA EV features fiberglass bodywork and is powered by a 5.7 kWh lithium-ion battery, which outputs electricity to a 4JM electric motor. Power output measures in at 164 horsepower and 247lb-ft of torque.

Inside the car we find a customizable tablet PC serving as the cars instrument panel, it also houses rear and side view camera system. When breaking, the TES-ERA EV utilizes a KERS system for recharging the batteries (similar to that found in a Toyota Prius) and can also plug into a charging socket.

Of course it being a custom car, chances are slim it will ever be up for grabs, but it’s certainly pleasing to see that Toyota is harvesting and promoting such creative talent amidst its ranks – at least enough to bring us this particular automotive treat.

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