Toyota teases FT-Bh concept, plans on bringing the whole concept family and more to Geneva

Toyota is bringing along a host of hybrids and cool concepts to the Geneva Motor Show in March. The Japanese automaker will be showing off no less than four concepts and hybrids, some of which have yet to make a debut outside of Japan.

Making the trip to Europe will be the Yaris Hybrid, GT-86, FT-Bh concept, NS4 and FCV-R concepts, and the Toyota diji (previously shown at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show as the Fun-Vii and one of our best concept cars of 2011).

Newest among Toyota’s experimental lineup is the FT-Bh concept. The mysterious new concept, which we only have a teaser photo of, will make its world debut next month in Geneva and offer show attendees a glimpse at what Toyota is labeling a “full hybrid city car study.”

Toyota’s FT-Bh is interesting on a couple levels. First, based off  Toyota’s remarks of it being merely a “study” the FT-Bh will most likely never make it to production. Second, while it may never see the light of day, Toyota has designed the FT-Bh in an ultra-efficient and inexpensive manner. Unlike most concept cars, Toyota’s latest experiment doesn’t make use of expensive materials or complex future technology that would generally keep it from making the leap from concept to production.

So why would Toyota build a concept that is built on an economically viable framework, poised to achieved low emissions, and essentially screams “build me” without any actual intention of bringing it to market? Well, we’re not entirely sure, but we wager should Toyota receive an overwhelmingly positive reaction for its FT-Bh concept, it might not be unlikely that we see something similar put into production down the road.