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Toyota toys with the idea of resurrecting Supra sportscar

For many a car lover, the Toyota Supra holds very near and dear to their collective hearts. One of the most iconic sports cars to come out of Japan met an untimely end back in the mid 1990’s. Since then, Toyota has offered very little in the sports car department and collectively closed the lid when production ceased altogether on the MR2 back in 2007.

But now it appears that a glimmer of hope has emerged from the land of the rising sun, and as the gearheads over at Motor Trend are reporting, it looks like a 400-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 powertrain is being tested for a possible release of a new Toyota Supra in 2015. According to Motor Trend, the new Supra would likely take the form of the FT-HS concept that Toyota showcased at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show and, if it does indeed see production,it will depend heavily on how well the GT86 (Europe) and the Scion FR-S (U.S.) does.

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