With ‘Predator Mode’ and 2,000 horsepower, Trion’s Nemesis is as mythical as it sounds

Hold onto your horses … all 2,000 of them. The new tall tale emerging out of the vast supercar rumormill is the Trion Nemesis.

This mythical beast supposedly makes 2,000 horsepower from a twin-turbo V8, runs from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, and will top out at speeds exceeding 270 miles per hour. Yeah … right … I’d wager those numbers are as real as my dreams.

Need I say more? Yes, because – if this supercar ever enters into production – it will have some insanely non-fictitious features.

The supercar will have an eight-speed sequential transmission and an all carbon fiber body/chassis. Also, Trion promises that the Nemesis will include Inconel (lightweight superalloy made for high-heat applications) elements in the chassis.

The aptly named Nemesis will also feature “Predator Mode”, where the car adjusts its suspension settings, engine map, and interior lighting. It sounds better than the Batmobile if you ask me. The thing is, the batmobile is about as real as Trion and its alleged Nemesis.

Oh and don’t worry, I saved the best feature for last. Trion also promises to make the Nemesis roomy enough for those as tall as 6’4” AND fit golf clubs in the trunk. Those are my exact needs.

According to MotorAuthority, the office housing Trion is nothing but a rendering. The building listed on Trion’s webpage looks nothing like what is shown on Google Maps Streetview for the same address. Trion’s quip for this is that, “This facility serves as a temporary home with over 10,000 square feet of engineering, manufacturing, general office and conference rooms to develop the Nemisis prototype.”

Sorry Trion, it looks the only “Nemesis” you have is reality.