AC Shnitzer-tuned BMW X5 comes to Geneva with a 518-horsepower kick

Daily tasks can get boring after awhile, with the monotonous ride taking the kids to school or over to the grocery store. Thankfully, AC Shnitzer is looking to spice up the daily grind with some tuned-up versions of the BMW X5, set for a reveal at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

According to Car Scoops, the tuning company will be bringing a selection of X5 engine selections, including an upgraded diesel that puts out 424 horsepower. The turbocharged gasoline-powered X5 also gets a boost, with 518 horses, up from 444 in the standard model. Details on the other engine specs are being kept under wraps until later this week.

In order for soccer moms to control all the power under the hood, a sports suspension kit is added. The company is also offering three wheel options for the X5 with 20-, 21-, and 22-inch wheels available in several different styles and colors.

The front skirt and rear aprons have been improved, as well as new tailpipe finishes and an integrated rear diffuser. An aluminum footrest and pedals, which are accented by the new floormats. With all these improvements, you can be sure everyone will actually be excited to driving to soccer practice.