Tweet and ride: Nissan gives free cab rides to Tweeting Londoners

Tweet and ride Nissan gives free cab rides to Tweeting Londoners

Perhaps electric vehicles have finally found their niche after all. In order to help raise awareness and highlight the inherent benefits of its electric vehicles in the UK, Nissan, makers of the battery-powered Nissan Leaf, were offering up smartphone savvy Londoners free cab rides this past weekend all in exchange for a simple Tweet.

That’s right, residents of the capitol city looking for an emissions free ride simply had to send tweets that included the hashtag ‘#6XCHEAPER’ in order to hop aboard the city’s electric express for free.

So how do the Tweets and hashtag play into all this? According to Nissan, powering the all-electric Leaf costs about one-sixth less than it would in a convention gasoline-powered vehicle, with the free cab rides illustrating just how cheap it is for Nissan to operate its fleet of Leafs (Or is that Leaves? We’re never quite sure). Additionally, the Japanese automaker hopes that by thrusting a fleet of Leafs into the bustling streets of London it will help dispel many of the myths and demonstrate some of the benefits electric cars possess, like low fuel costs.

Nissan says the use of Twitter has been an integral part of the company’s “The Big Turn On” campaign that launched back in April with the intended aim of getting one million people to experience electric vehicles driving in just 100 days. And it appears it has done just that with the company reaching its goal on June 20, 18 days ahead of schedule.

No word yet on whether Nissan will undergo a similar campaign on North American shores, but something tells us some of our New York-based DT staffers wouldn’t mind a free cab ride or two.