Valmet Dawn travels back from the future for its Geneva debut


We have come across a lot of really cool cars and concepts over the years: from the seemingly Nintendo inspired Honda Chopper, to the extremely ambitious Project Flake. Now Valmet Automotive – makers of the Fisker Karma – have sent their Valmet Dawn EV back from the future – and it is like nothing we have ever seen.

Dawn-DiscWhat separates Valmet’s Dawn apart from many of the concept cars we have seen in the past is quite simple: it’s real. At least the prototype is. Sure it’s odd looking and totally impractical, but it’s cool — and sometimes form over function wins the day. That’s because while the Valmet Dawn is busy tearing up the streets of the future – where no doubt it’s just another humdrum car – here in present day it’s the type of car you expect to see Tom Cruise driving around in what will eventually be a sequel to his 2002 box office hit, Minority report.

So what exactly is the point of producing a concept like the Dawn? Well, according to Valmet Autmotive it’s a two-fold approach. First, the company is looking to showcase its ability to design, develop, and research expanding EV components like batteries and drivetrains, while also being able to put them together and produce an actual vehicle – albeit a crazy looking one.

“For decades, automotive industry has leaned on highly standardized solutions. Now they are no longer applicable; the powertrain for example must be engineered for every EV model separately,” comments Markus Hirvonen, Project Manager, Valmet Automotive. By taking this approach, Valmet says this new strategic focus for the company will enable it to capitalize on its unique ability and market itself to both established and startup companies similar to what it did with Fisker’s Karma.


As for the concept’s design, you don’t need to stare at the Dawn’s swirling Tron-like identity disc to see that it’s decidedly futuristic. Unfortunately, we don’t know many other details regarding the Dawn’s drivetrain specifications, range, or speed– although from the looks of it one bump in the road would cause you lots of trouble.

At this time, Valmet hasn’t release any information regarding the innovative concept’s numbers or figures — with all signs unfortunately pointing to the car destined to life as tech demo and nothing else.

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