Volkswagen LogBox and Race App data-recording system launches in Germany

Volkswagen LogBox and Race App

With gizmos like General Motors’ Performance Data Recorder hitting the market, ordinary drivers can harness some of the data-analzying capability of a modern Formula One pit.

Volkswagen is getting in on the action with a system of its own, allowing owners of the spiffy new 2015 Golf R to record reams of data they can brag about to their friends later.

The LogBox device plugs into the car’s OBD II diagnostic port, and connects to VW’s Race App via Bluetooth. It can measure several different parameters, including acceleration, g-forces, and different aspects of engine performance, according to World Car Fans.

The app can also map a track using Google Maps, and lets the driver record video of laps with telemetry data overlaid.

So far, the LogBox and Race App are only available on high-performance “R” models, which pretty much means just the Golf R for now. VW says the system will become available on a “range of further Volkswagen cars” as well.

The LogBox is available through VW’s accessories store for 299 euros (about $365), but only in Germany. The Race App is also available only in German, through Google Play and the iTunes Store.