Watch out, McLaren: Twin-turbo Ferrari 458 targeting the 650S with 666 devilish HP

Ferrari 458

Ferrari is in a bit of a transition phase right now, with a model lineup that’s embracing new propulsion technologies and an executive wing that’s constantly changing gears.

Yes, it’s a time of change for the Italian brand, but you won’t find any awkward tweens here; some of the best cars in the company’s history are being produced as we speak.

In August, we reported that a successor to the Ferrari 458 was on the way, and that it may swap the current, naturally aspirated V8 for a smaller twin-turbo unit. A new report by Autocar has further substantiated those claims, with a few new details coming along for the ride.

Codenamed 142M inside the borders of Maranello, the 458 successor will reportedly equip a modified version of the 3.8-liter turbo V8 from the California T, with a projected output of 666 horsepower.

The new engine may grow or shrink by a cubic centimeter or two, but it will have a displacement of less than 4.0-liters to stay within a certain tax bracket, namely that of the Chinese market. Anything over that measurement falls into a new expense threshold, which could raise the cost of the car.

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The engine’s sinister output may give some superstitious folk pause, but in reality it was tuned to battle the McLaren 650S, which pumps out 641 hp from it’s 3.8-liter turbo mill.

To achieve McLaren-rivaling power, there are rumblings that the new 458 could feature an electric turbocharging system. A tweaked version of the California’s twin turbo setup is more plausible, but Ferrari is rumored to be testing such technology in the pursuit of extinguishing turbo lag.

The Ferrari 458’s successor should debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, which kicks off in March.

(Image via Autocar)