Morgan Freeman won’t narrate your life, but with Waze, he can chronicle your commute

Morgan Freeman
Kim Støvring/Flickr
He’s played God, a wacky Lego wizard, and Batman’s personal gadget supplier, but now he can narrate your commute. His name is Morgan Freeman, and admit it, you’re probably reading this in his voice right now.

In anticipation of the action film London Has Fallen, Freeman’s velvety pipes will provide the soundtrack for the social navigation application Waze. Available starting today for a limited time, Freeman — in character as Vice President Trumbull, of course — will help you navigate crowded city streets, avoid traffic jams, and even find the cheapest gas stations in your area.

Waze has offered celebrity voiceovers as a part of its services for some time now, but as you may have guessed, Freeman’s was one of its most requested. Some of his clips include: “The American people are counting on you … to drive,” “The world awaits your commands,” and “It’s been my honor and duty to see you through this mission.”

London Has Fallen stars Gerard Butler, Angela Bassett, and Aaron Eckhart, and is the sequel to 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen. The film tells the story of Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Butler) on a mission to protect U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Eckhart) from a plot to kill the world’s most powerful leaders. The action thriller opens on March 4.

Interested parties can download Waze for Android and Apple devices through their respective app stores or online right here. Afterwards, go to Settings > Sound > Voice Language to select Morgan Freeman, and you’ll be ready to save the world.

Waze has proven to be one of the most helpful navigation apps around, as its users can constantly update the program with real-time traffic data, accident reports, speed and police trap locations, and even gas price information. In January, ridesharing service Lyft began to integrate Waze into all of its vehicles, which the brand claimed could “transform urban transportation.” Read more about the story here.

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