Weaponized racers and missile Ferraris? Khyzyl Saleem’s imagined supercars are one a kind

Isn’t Photoshop grand?

With a little talent on your end, the editing tool can transform your family’s Christmas card into a dramatic recreation of the Invasion of Normandy, and all it takes is a bevy of clicks, drags, and exports.

21-year old U.K. designer Khyzel Saleem uses the software to it fullest extent, creating unique automotive renderings like the McLaren P1 Hyper Undercover Surveillance Vehicle, and the Lotus Esprit V8 that may or may not have a flux capacitor mounted on top.

One of the biggest highlights is Saleem’s sleek Batmobile re-design.

The dynamic ‘Bat’ is a commanding, weaponized supercar, one that the freelancer describes as “maneuverable, fast [and] agile, [and] built out of graphene.” For those who don’t know, graphene is a two-dimensional layer of carbon that is 100 times stronger than steel, has massive conductive properties, and is incredibly lightweight, i.e. standard Batman equipment.

It would be a crime to go on without mentioning the Nissan R34 Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle. The walker-shredding GT-R is certainly a sight to behold, and Saleem’s first ‘encounter’ with the car reads like an entry from a Day by Day Armageddon-style zombie journal.

Khyzyl Saleem

“Tried to salvage what I could from what seemed to be an old military scrapyard, got rather lucky finding a set of airless tires from an old, all terrain ATV, stole a few bits from what seemed to be an ol’ M1 Abrams tank as well. This beast is the last thing [anyone will] see.”

Ever wanted to flip someone the bird for idiotic driving? If so, you might like Saleem’s interpretation of the defunct Honda S2000, which he created in a “grungy street style.”

The car is covered in graffiti, even featuring an ‘I love vandalism’ scripture, and is lovingly titled ‘Zero Fluffs Given.’

Some may detest these renderings, and others may call them treasures. No matter what your opinion is, though, the imaginings prove that when you put technology and talent together, anything is possible.