Shatner boldly goes on a cross-country journey with the Rivet three-wheeler

American Wrench Rivet

For a guy who used to command television starships and is currently an avid equestrian, it must be hard to impress William Shatner with a “cool ride.” Nevertheless, the team of custom motorcycle builders at American Wrench managed to intrigue the famous actor, partnering up with him and conceiving the Rivet three-wheeler motorcycle.

Today, the ol’ captain announces that he’s setting off on a new trek, making good on his promise to take the bespoke creation on a trip across the United States, and he’s bringing a new crew with him.

“I am taking another step into the unknown!” said Shatner, who will set off in the final version of the first-of-its-kind Rivet this month. Starting off at the American Wrench motorcycle shop in Chicago on June 23rd, Shatner and his Rivet will head out on an eight-day mission to Los Angeles, stopping in various cities along the way.

William Shatner

Joining the stalwart captain will be members of The American Legion Riders, who will escort him to Legion meetings in St. Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, and Las Vegas. This will raise awareness of the work the Legion does for U.S. veterans as well as show off the Rivet to eager enthusiasts.

The entire trip will be documented by a film crew for an upcoming television show, where we will likely see all the strange and mysterious things Shatner and his Rivet will encounter on his journey across Route 66.

As for the Rivet itself, we haven’t seen anything beyond the computer renderings provided by the company. In concept, the three-wheeler is intended to have a V8 powerplant, rivets, and three-wheels. Yes, that’s just about all we know for sure. Mockups show an open canopy one-seater with rather unique controls, but in a video introducing the Rivet, we see Shatner lobbying for a closed-cockpit two-seater. We’ll have wait just a few weeks to see what the final build looks like when Shatner and the Rivet set off for their fantastic voyage later this month.