Word Up!: Volkswagen welcomes new five-door Up! to the family

If you’re a big fan of Volkswagen’s small-car line up and you live in Europe, then you’re in luck. The German automaker recently announced that it plans to make a production version of its five-door Up!. Volkswagen’s latest car will be available in Germany and European markets by early March and by summer, respectively.

The five-door Up! will be available in either a 60-horsepower, 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine or a 75-horespower version of the same powerplant which is similar to the three-door version currently available.

Exterior-wise, the new five-door Up! will retain much of the same features of its three-door sibling. From what we can tell, the only major stylistic change to the five-door Up! is the addition of two extra doors and a solid glass rear hatch, which adds some much appreciated flair to the diminutive hatchback.