Would you buy a Jaguar ‘Q-Type’ or ‘XQ’ crossover? Jaguar is hoping so

Jaguar wagon

Jaguar is making a big push to increase its global standing. Jaguar recently released the Porsche-fighting F-Type and has a BMW 3 Series compact sedan competitor in development. While these are good starts, they’re not quite enough to seriously compete with the Germans on a global scale.

As it stands, crossovers make up one third of total global auto sales. Although such a product might not be in keeping with Jag’s history, a compact CUV will be essential to its ongoing success.

Realizing this, Jaguar has filed with the European Union’s Patent and Trademark Office an application for the nameplates “Q-Type” and “XQ,” according to Leftlane News.

The next decision the engineers at Jaguar have to decide is which platform to use for its new crossovers. Should they use the Range Rover Evoque platform and drivetrain, from their sister company, Land Rover, which is readily and cheaply available to them? Or repurpose the all-new compact sedan platform in development? If the F-Type is any indication of what the company is capable of going forward, either platform will make for a brilliant Jag CUV.

While we like the idea of a sporty, compact Jaguar crossover, we’re really rather tired of the letter Q. Audi has its Q line of crossovers and Infiniti has recently rebadged all its SUVs and CUVs as “QX.” Can’t the creative minds at Jag think of a better letter? Of the 26 up for grabs, Jag has only used a couple. Why it feels the need to jump on the Q bandwagon is beyond us.

Oh, and are we the only ones who think “Q-Type” is a bit too close to “Q-Tips” for comfort?