You’re never too old: 101-year-old man buys Chevy Volt for his wife

You're never too old 101 year-old-man buys Chevy Volt for his wife

For older generations it’s not always easy keeping up to date with the latest and greatest technological advancements. From smartphones to tablets, what wows the younger generation generally fails to raise the collective bushy brows of our honored citizenry. But that simply isn’t the case for 101-year-old Edward Heine and his 85 year-old wife Hya.

On top of racking up over a century of birthdays, Heine bears the honorable distinction of being one of the oldest (if not the oldest) person to purchase one of General Motors new-fangled Chevrolet Volts.

According to the Carroll County Times, Edward, who no longer drives himself, purchased the Volt for Hya, his wife of 41 years, after she expressed a keen interest in the plug-in hybrid. Subsequently the couple decided to lease the car after trading in their old Jaguar and coming to the conclusion that their next car should be environmentally friendly.

“In two years, I’ll trade it in,” said Edward, explaining that the couple believed plug-in technology will have changed so much by then.

“I don’t expect to be alive, but my wife will be,” he added.

Here’s hoping Edward get’s to enjoy his Volt for many years to come.