Never forget where you parked again with Zus, the smart car finder and charger

zus smart car charger screen shot 2015 12 11 at 10 24 55 am

No trip to the supermarket is complete without a confused lap around the parking lot with a cartful of groceries, desperately trying to remember where you’ve parked your car. While the optimist in us might view this forgetfulness as a great way to get in some exercise, the more pervasive realist is probably sick of this routine. So friends, search no longer — instead, get Zus, the smart car charger and locator that claims to “find your car where you left it and charge your phone twice as fast.”

Currently selling for just $29.99 (40 percent off its normal price of $50), the pocket-sized gadget can charge any device at any time by way of its ultra-fast USB, which claims to get you (or your phone, at least) back to 100 percent at double the normal speed. And because it’s coated with military-grade titanium, your Zus is as sturdy and durable as they come. And with its built-in lighting and cooling system, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself, unlike other car chargers that emit crazy amounts of heat or get really hot when you leave them out on a sunny day.

But the real kicker, of course, is its ability to find your car. By way of the companion iOS or Android app, Zus keeps constant tabs on where you last left your vehicle, and can guide you back to it whenever you need. Whenever you turn off your car, a GPS tag is sent to the Zus app, which means that your phone can guide you, step by step, to your parking space when you’ve finished running your errands. And once you’ve made it back into your car, you can recharge your phone, ensuring that you’ll never meander aimlessly with a battery-less phone ever again.

Weighing in at just around 4 ounces and made in Germany, Zus might be the last smart accessory you’ll ever need.