First look at Toshiba’s 84-inch Ultra HD TV

First look at Toshiba’s 84-inch Ultra HD TV

A dark horse of the TV industry comes forward with a competitive entry in the exploding field of 4K/Ultra HD Televisions.

We came to CES 2013 expecting that 4K (also known as Ultra HD) televisions would dominate the home theater landscape, but also with healthy skepticism about the technology’s ability to gain a foothold in consumers’ living rooms. Last night, after catching Toshiba’s lineup preview, which included its 84-inch Ultra HD TV, our skepticism has faded a bit.

Toshiba’s L9300 series offers three different sizes of Ultra HD goodness, including  58-, 65-, and 84-inch inch TV sizes. Price and availability will not be disclosed until Toshiba’s press conference, but for now we can tell you this: Despite what you may have heard about LG and Samsung’s grip on the TV market’s future, evidence shows that  Toshiba is still very much in the game, and is ready to play hardball. 

As you’ll see in our video from Toshiba’s event, its Ultra HD TV is every bit as impressive as its competitors; perhaps more so, thanks to its uniquely warm picture quality, which begs you to stare at it for hours on end.

We’ll have more details –  including pricing and availability –  from Toshiba’s booth later this week. Until then, feast your eyes on Toshiba’s take on the potential future of television . It won’t be cheap, but looking is free, so have at it.