CES 2019

Every year, technological titans and scrappy startups alike descend on Las Vegas to show off the amazing products they’ve been quietly toiling away on all year – and offer consumers a glimpse at the future. There’s something new lurking around every corner at CES, the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, and with 32 football fields worth of show floor, there are a lot of corners. We’re proud to say we turned them all to bring you the most comprehensive coverage you’ll find anywhere.

Recent Stories
Home Theater

MicroLED vs. OLED: Two hot TV technologies battle for your dollars

Samsung claims its new MicroLED TV tech offers all the benefits of OLED without the drawbacks. Join Digital Trends to take a close look to see if MicroLED TV lives up to the hype, and where it could go in the future.

LG's folding smartphone may look like an established piece of folding tech

LG may show off a folding smartphone during CES 2019, making it the latest device manufacturer to be linked with the technology, which may become one of the standout designs of the coming year.
Smart Home

Abode System’s Iota DIY home security kit is now available

Abode Systems has an all-in-one security kit called Iota, and it's on sale now. It features a 1080p camera, motion sensor, and on-board Wi-Fi and ethernet so it can stay connected no matter where you put it.

AMD just confirmed its 7nm processor and graphics cards for CES 2019

AMD officially announced that it would be using CES 2019 as the opportunity to reveal more about their much-anticipated 7nm processors. AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will deliver a keynote address to reveal the chips, and the firm…
Smart Home

China’s Ezviz summons a swath of new smart home products

Ezviz, the home security division of China's Hikvision, unveiled a diverse new line of smart home products that lean heavily toward home security and surveillance, one of the company's specialties.
Smart Home

The Nest x Yale smart deadbolt lock adds Google Assistant support

Nest is adding Google Assistant support to its smart deadbolt Nest x Yale Lock. Starting this week, the security tool will be compatible with the A.I. assistant so you can lock your door on the go with a voice command.
Smart Home

The JBL Link View could be another one of Google’s answers to the Echo Show

Meet the new JBL Link View, an 8-inch touchscreen that has Google Assistant built-in to answer all your pressing questions and control all your household appliances. It's one of Google's answers to Amazon's Echo Show.
Smart Home

Both the 8- and 10-inch Lenovo Smart Displays are going on sale this weekend

Google Assistant has found a new home in the Lenovo Smart Display. Making its debut at CES 2018, this new full HD touchscreen display promises to be the "ideal home companion" for folks looking for tech to make their lives easier.

Ricoh Theta V plug-in marketplace helps expand 360 camera features

The new Ricoh Theta V Marketplace opens the company's flagship 360 camera to new features designed by third-party developers, like adding Google Cloud features and tools designed for real estate and construction.

Motiv Ring fitness tracker now has a companion Android app, too

It's not hard to find a fitness tracking wearable for the wrist, but options run thin when you want a device that's a little more subtle. Motiv's solution is a ring that puts your active minutes front and center.

Detroit Auto Show finally caves to CES, will move to June in 2020

Seeing a steady decrease in eyeballs and attention as CES grows and sucks up everything in its path, the organizers of the Detroit Auto Show have moved the show from January to June starting in 2020 -- and plan to rethink the show entirely.
Emerging Tech

AirSelfie’s second-gen selfie drone with better flight time is now available

The second-generation AirSelfie drone more than doubles the original's camera resolution from 5 to 12 megapixels, quadruples its internal memory to 16GB, and adds 50 percent more flight time.

DJI's Ronin S stabilizer starts shipping in June; Osmo Mobile 2 is now available

The Osmo Mobile 2 brings stabilized vertical video to smartphones while the Ronin S becomes DJI's first single-handle, three-axis stabilizer for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, offering an alternative to its larger Ronin models.
Emerging Tech

The ForwardX Ovis is the first smart suitcase custom-built to follow you

Luggage is only getting smarter. Case in point? The autonomous Ovis, a suitcase specifically designed to charge your gadgets while on the move and follow you throughout the airport terminal.
Emerging Tech

Stellina smart telescope on sale exclusively through Museum of Modern Art

While traditional telescopes can be difficult to use and install, Stellina offers up a simple, more user-friendly way to take a closer look at the heavens. This app-enabled telescope hopes to bring astronomy to the masses.

KodakOne uses blockchain and web crawlers to spot stolen images

Kodak licensee Wenn Digital is using blockchain to create a registry of images called KodakOne and cryptocurrency to pay photographers. KodakOne is slated to arrive later, but the cryptocurrency KodakCoin launches on May 21.
Smart Home

Canary improves its A.I.-powered Person Detection features for its cameras

Keeping your home safe no longer has to cost you an arm and a leg, thanks to Canary. The team has just unveiled its improved A.I.-powered Person Detection cuts down on false positive notifications about human motion.

Own a Pixel or Nexus phone? You can now use Android Auto wirelessly

Tired of relying on cords and dongles to make the most of your Android Auto experience? Well, those days may be coming to an end at JVC and Kenwood now offer wireless Android Auto.