Columbia: the City in the Sky

With just under two months until the game hits stores, 2K and Irrational games are pulling out all the stops on BioShock Infinite. They’ve already released the entire opening scene of the game, and earlier this week they offered up an eerie history on the origins of Columbia. This latest trailer shows off even more – taking us on a fast paced tour of the floating city and it’s strange inhabitants.

If you blink you might miss them, but there are a good number of enemies shown here. At one point we’re shown a “Handyman” – a mechanized giant that resembles a cruder version of a Big Daddy. Just a few frames later we see the “Motorized Patriot,” which appears to be a clownish version of George Washington with guns instead of arms. 

The official release date for BioShock Infinite is set for March 26th, so be sure to check back for more trailers until then.