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Apple seemingly getting some 2016 MacBook Pro orders ready for shipment

2016 macbook pro touch bar supported apps v2
Apple’s refreshed MacBook Pro with its new Touch Bar, Touch ID support, and thinner chassis has been selling like hotcakes since its announcement on October 27. However, Apple hadn’t yet shipped the machines, leaving buyers with a bit of a lag between pushing the order button and getting satisfaction.

That appears to be changing, however, as Apple has begun transferring units from the factory to the shipping floor. Accordingly, excited MacBook Pro purchasers are started to receive notice that their machines are preparing for shipment, as 9to5Mac reports.

Apparently, this is the step that directly precedes orders actually heading out the door and making their way to customers. If past history is any guide, it means that those lucky MacBook Pro buyers should be receiving their new MacOS machines in a matter of days.


In addition, some buyers with later shipping time frames have seen their orders update to an earlier date. This is a reversal of previous experiences where orders were shifting from “2-3 weeks” to “4-5 weeks” estimates. If you have an order that’s pending shipment, Apple won’t automatically notify you of these sorts of changes. And so, make sure you log into your account and check your order — you might find a pleasant surprise awaiting you.

Apple has run into something of a buzz saw given a perceived lack of innovation in the new MacBook Pros. In addition, the refreshed machines rely on USB Type-C ports exclusively and require a number of now-discounted Apple dongles to connect to legacy devices. To add insult to injury, the ports don’t appear to support legacy Thunderbolt 3 devices, leaving some customers even more upset.

With all of that controversy, we’re sure that Apple will be just as happy as its customers to start shipping the machines and getting them in the hands of users. Hopefully for Apple, those customers will start using their new MacBook Pros and posting nothing but positive reviews, and the sooner the company can ship the machines, the sooner the positivity can start flowing.

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