$330 Acer Chromebase coming this summer with 21.5-inch, 1080p display

Acer Chromebase

Chrome OS is quickly becoming popular, so it only makes sense to bring the OS to a larger screen, and that’s just what LG did when it brought its Chromebase to market. Now, based on a report from Brent Sullivan and a preorder page from retailer CDW, it looks like it’s time for Acer get into the market with its own all-in-one Chrome OS computer. Of course, Acer originally announced its intentions back in April, but these reports give us some specifics for the new device.

The first, and most notable difference about the reported Acer model and LG’s is the price. While LG hit the market with a $350 price tag, the preorder page claims that Acer’s offering will set buyers back $330, a difference of $20.

As for sacrifices for the savings, there actually aren’t many, if the rumored specs end up being correct. In fact, in most places, the Acer model will have higher specs than LG, with the only exception coming from the NVIDIA Tegra K1 quad-core processor, which will be slightly less powerful than the Intel Celeron dual-core processor in the LG 22CV241. However, Acer is offering 4GB of RAM, double that of the LG, and a touchscreen. There are also no fans in the Acer model, which could be a blessing or a curse, depending on how cool it runs.

The touchscreen features full 1080p resolution, and will have 10-point touch technology, which should offer a nice amount of flexibility to users who actually want to control their desktop with their hands. The display, like most today, promises a 178-degree viewing angle.

As for internal storage, users will find 16GB. While not much space when compared the SSD or HDD offered in a Windows or Mac based system, it’s a fairly standard amount for Chrome OS, and is right on par with what is offered in LG’s Chromebase.

The release window is currently estimated as the second half of June.