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Acer Predator Z1 priced to allow all of us to have big, curved displays

Although debate still remains within the DigitalTrends offices over whether curved displays are worth pursuing, Acer is hoping to settle the arguments for us by offering its latest range of Predator Z1 curved monitors at very competitive prices. Beginning at $600, you can grab yourself a monster of a display, with all of the (pseudo) benefits of its curved design.

The new Predator Z1 range comes in a variety of sizes, beginning at 27 inches and running all the way up to 31.5 inches, though they all sport the same 1080p resolution on their LCD panels. However, if you are looking for something a little more detailed, there is an option with the 30-inch model that gives you a 2,560 x 1,080 display.

All screens are curved, specifically sporting a curvature of 1,800R, and their vertical alignment panels should guarantee some better contrast and less backlight bleed than you might be used to with IPS alternatives.

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Although as TechReport points out, the relatively slow 4ms response time might cause gamers to turn away from these new displays, the 30-inch model does support a 200Hz refresh rate. The larger and smaller models each sport 144Hz refresh rates too, and all of them have G-Sync support, so these are displays built with Nvidia fans in mind.

Other premium features include USB 3.0 hubs built into the bezels and ambient light sensors, so the display can dynamically adjust depending on what your room’s lighting is like.

The whole design of the monitors seems aimed at gamers too, with red feet and matte black coloring throughout the rest of the framework. With that in mind, Acer has made sure that long sessions won’t do too much damage to your eyes by employing its “Flicker-less” technology, as well as its “BlueLightShield” capabilities.

While we doubt you would use them, the Predator displays also feature built in 7w DTS Sound speakers.

The range of new Predator Z1 displays will begin availability at the start of June, with pricing starting at just $600 for the smallest of the trio. That aggressive pricing could see reactions from other manufacturers, so it’s certainly good news for consumers.

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