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Acer launches X34 ultra-wide gaming monitor – and yea, you can overclock it

Acer’s Predator line is quickly expanding into new areas, and the set of gear we saw at IFA was impressive and eye-catching, to say the least. At the time, release details were scarce, and so were concrete specs and features. Now, with the release of the Predator X34 gaming monitor, Acer is ready to start taking the wraps off its revamped collection.

The 34-inch gaming monitor is based on a form factor that’s becoming increasingly popular, albeit with a few features pointed directly at enthusiast-level gamers. The 21:9 aspect ratio means you can extend your field of view even farther, spreading out the game in ways you just can’t on a 16:9. The curve in the display makes it even more immersive, especially when you line up three of them. Finally, the 3,440 x 1,440 resolution is pleasantly high-resolution without putting too much strain on your graphics card like a 4K display will.

With a base refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is overclockable to 100Hz, it only makes sense that Acer would include refresh management technology in some form. This time around, the IPS panel features Nvidia’s G-Sync, which requires a GTX 650 Ti Boost or newer running over DisplayPort. If that’s not applicable, the X34 is also outfitted with an HDMI port, and a four-port USB 3.0 hub.


For those long gaming binges, Acer has built in its Comfy View and Eye Protect functionalities. These brand-specific additions are both related to eye strain. While Comfy View has to do with the semi-matte coating on the panel, Eye Protect adjusts colors and image brightness to help ease looking at the monitor for long periods or late at night.

For a few more bells and whistles, the Predator X34 also features underglow lighting, so you can change the color coming off the monitor to match the rest of your peripherals. There’s also Predator GameView, a software suite that allows you to place game-agnostic crosshairs on the screen for hip fire, as well as quickly jump between color and lighting profiles.

Like the other monitors in its class and form factor, the Acer Predator X34 doesn’t come cheap. If you want to put the ultra-wide display on your desk, the list price is $1,300.

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