Acer plans to bring a product to the wearable tech market in 2014

Acer logo

Acer just finished presenting a slew of products at this year’s Computex event, but that hasn’t stopped them from talking about their latest developments in recent interviews. According to Pocket-Lint, ST Liew, president of Acer’s smarthpone business group, Acer will be tossing its own wearable tech creation into the market sometime in 2014. Liew believes that there is much money to be made in this new consumer technology category, one that is just getting its start with rumors of an Apple Watch and Google Glass.

Liew also spoke about what it would take to bring a product to market. According to the executive, it’s not just about aesthetically pleasing hardware or flashy modern curves. Liew expressed his concern for the functionality of a device.

“I think the trick is making the right trade-off, so that you put the right package of what people are expecting into a wearable,” said Liew. “Is a day battery enough? It might be, if the charging mechanism is easy. You take off your watch at night, throw it on the side and it inductively charges.”

It is possible that Liew’s statement hints at a watch-like product from Acer, but we are not entirely sure what type of wearable device the company is planning to promote, only that we should see it 2014. Liew also told Pocket-Lint that Acer would soon be unveiling a new 3.5-inch smartphone dubbed the Liquid ZX, as well as the new Liquid S1 phone-tablet.