Acer’s rumored 34-inch widescreen, G-Sync display could be PC gaming heaven

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Whether we’re talking smartphones, televisions or computer monitors, it certainly seems that the tech industry expects that curved displays will become the norm over the course of the next few years.

While it may be too early to tell whether consumers will buy into the advantages of this type of screen, there’s no shortage of companies eager to jump on the bandwagon. Gamers are one of the key audiences that companies are looking to target with this technology, and that’s exactly who Acer is looking to appeal to the latest product in its Predator range.

Acer will apparently begin production of a gaming monitor this year that not only boasts a 34-inch curved display, but also offers support for G-sync refresh rates of up to 144Hz. These are very appealing specifications for anyone who needs a cutting edge monitor to pair with a powerful gaming rig.

According to TFTCentral, two versions of this new entry into Acer’s Predator line are set to be available. One model will supposedly be known as the XR341CK and boast a resolution of 3440 x 1440. The other would seem to be a down-scale option, with a resolution of only 2560 x 1080. However, exact specifications, particularly on the latter model, are unavailable at this time.

Based on these scarce details, the prospect of Acer’s curved monitors is certainly tantalizing; the only sticking point will be whether buyers are ready for curved displays. It’s a matter of timelines — offer up a product like this too early and there won’t be much of a market to sell it to, but offer it too late and there’ll be something new on the horizon to distract from its unique selling point. Manufacturers are still looking for ways to make 3D displays attractive to a mainstream audience, and the same fate could await curved screens unless a better job is done of making them seem like an essential piece of technology.

It’s expected that Acer’s curved monitors will enter production in Q2 of 2015, but given that that’s only a rough estimate, it’s difficult to say when they’ll be available to consumers. However, if those dates are accurate, it shouldn’t be too long before Acer make an official comment on the future of the Predator line.

[Image courtesy of chrupka/Shutterstock]

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